Cheating…Is it ever ok to do it?

When I care about someone, I care about them wholeheartedly.  I never considered myself a cheater, until someone came along and enticed me.  As in any relationships there are going to be ups and downs, but what if there are more downs then  ups?  In the past, I was a serial cheater.  Witnessing the pain that it caused me and my partner, I began to analyze exactly why I was doing it.  Sadly, each reason seemed justified.

1.  Being cheated on.   Payback is a bitch and yeah it’s not right, but damn it feels good. 

2.  Boredom.  A routine is a routine, but sex should never be routine.  Have fun and enjoy each other.  Your with the one you love.

3.  Desire.  You love your man.  No he’s not Idris Elba, but he loves you.  And you love him until you see your new buff neighbor winking his eye at you while cutting the grass shirtless.  Desire is like a flame to gasoline.  Once it gets started, there’s no putting it out.  But it sure is sexy being consumed by it’s heat!

4.  Beauty. ” He said I was beautiful”.  This powerful word is like rain.  It can open the petals wide on even the most hydrant flower.  If you don’t tell her often enough, someone else will.

5.  Selfishness.  If they didn’t share the fries with you on your first date, they aren’t going to share with you where they go at 3 am in the morning.  Selfish cheaters don’t care who they hurt.  All they care about is themselves.  And if you knew that from day one and are still with them, THEN YOU ACCEPT IT!!

Can you think of any other reasons as to why people cheat?


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