Jet Blue Loses A Kid!

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This is so stupid.  Why the hell is a 5 year old child flying by himself? So not only is Jet Blue supposed to be an airline, they are also mandated babysitters?

I understand there are certain situations in which mom, dad, or a legal guardian cannot be present for a child but by no means should we allow a corporate business to take on that responsibility.

And now the mom is suing…Really?

Today’s parents are crazy. They allow the school system, the television, the internet, and major companies to raise their children.  God forbid something happens to that child then the responsibility falls on everyone except the parent…

The child was 5 years old.  The workers at Jet Blue deal with hundreds of people a day and now they have to send a baby off to another country or state?


Gimme A Break!!!



Kaepernick Takes A Stand, Is it really that big of a deal?

Last Wednesday, as I checked through my general emails and occasional Face Book notifications, I am bombarded by a quote my loving sister displayed on her page.  “Leave Colin Alone! My first instinct was to question who the hell “Colin” was. Secondly, who is bothering this Colin person.  As I read deeper into her sporadic vent, I realized she was expressing her feelings about the new patriotic, or unpatriotic issue surrounding Colin Kaepernick.  I carefully surfed the internet to see what all the commotion was about.

Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem due to his belief of unfairness towards minorities.  I am not saying Colin is right but I am also not saying Colin is wrong.  As an American, I have my own issues with this country.  I also have issues with my business, my family, and my job.  I often times voice those opinions when I am frustrated with either of those issues.  But my opinion does not mean I hate America, I hate my business, and it surely doesn’t mean that I hate my family.  The country that we live in protects his right to say or do as he feels as long as there is no malice involved.  It also protects those that disagree with him.  Colin was reacting to something that was bothering him at the time. If that is how he felt, that is just how he felt.  It doesn’t mean that he should be bombarded with hate and insults.

On the other hand, you have veterans and currently active military personnel, who have and continue to serve this country.  I understand their anger.  But the same law that protects their freedom of speech, protects Kaepernick’s as well.  There is no right or wrong in this case.  Each side has a valid point.  We cannot change how Colin feels but what we, as a nation, can do is try to understand the root of WHY he feels that way.  If a happy child that cannot talk starts screaming bloody murder out of nowhere, do we not do what we can to find out why the child is suddenly irritated or in pain?

We The People

We The People

Some Americans love to argue with the surface of an issue.  The surface is always safe.  It means I can say what I want without any ramifications because I choose not to know the ache behind the pain.  He did and said what he did “Big Fucking Deal”.  One person’s idea or opinion does not speak for everybody.

It does not stop me from doing what I have to do everyday and it doesn’t make me hate America.  So in the words of my disgruntled sister “LEAVE COLIN ALONE”.

If Black Lives Matter, Why Do Some of us Down One Another As A People

I’m not one to toot my own horn but I must say, my ambition is a beast! I can look at an obstacle, like most women, try to move it or figure a way around it.  Since I have launched my subscription business (, there have been many, many obstacles.  But one obstacle,that I have encountered time and time again in life, always perplexed me.  My people.  My fellow queens.

A mere hint or whisper of my little business got the heat boiling in some while others were finding ways to stir the pot.  The first dagger came from a friend. I didn’t hear it personally but it traveled through the grape-vine and made its way to me.  “Not everybody likes Shea Butters and Oils”, the vines said.  And that is true.  Everything ain’t for everybody.  But that form of criticism could have been presented to me instead of behind my back.

Another incident happened at a wonderful venture featuring a play by an up and coming director.  This was my first time showing the products to any one other than family and friends.  Already nervous, I sat at the table and greeted each person that showed interest while my feet danced unsteadily under the tablecloth.  An African-American woman comes up and eyeballs the products.  Her svelte figure was adorned nicely in a wrap dress and her hair hung loosely above her shoulders, she peers down and turns up her nose and produces a smug smile.  “I create my own oils and butters”, she said glaring at me.  Confused, I offered her a card and provoked her to talk more about what she creates.  “No.  I don’t sell my products”, she mustered while coldly walking away.

Am I crazy for thinking that was unnecessary shade?

I am proud to be a beautiful black woman.  I love my people but I don’t understand the underlying pettiness and hate within our own culture.  You got some out there complaining about Donald Trump being a racist but they are the main ones throwing knives in the office, at school, or behind the pews at their own people.  Why is it so hard to uplift and encourage one another?

If someone can offer me an answer to this, it will be greatly appreciated.


Young angry woman making the hand stop sign against a white back

Bye Felicia!

Cheating…Is it ever ok to do it?

When I care about someone, I care about them wholeheartedly.  I never considered myself a cheater, until someone came along and enticed me.  As in any relationships there are going to be ups and downs, but what if there are more downs then  ups?  In the past, I was a serial cheater.  Witnessing the pain that it caused me and my partner, I began to analyze exactly why I was doing it.  Sadly, each reason seemed justified.

1.  Being cheated on.   Payback is a bitch and yeah it’s not right, but damn it feels good. 

2.  Boredom.  A routine is a routine, but sex should never be routine.  Have fun and enjoy each other.  Your with the one you love.

3.  Desire.  You love your man.  No he’s not Idris Elba, but he loves you.  And you love him until you see your new buff neighbor winking his eye at you while cutting the grass shirtless.  Desire is like a flame to gasoline.  Once it gets started, there’s no putting it out.  But it sure is sexy being consumed by it’s heat!

4.  Beauty. ” He said I was beautiful”.  This powerful word is like rain.  It can open the petals wide on even the most hydrant flower.  If you don’t tell her often enough, someone else will.

5.  Selfishness.  If they didn’t share the fries with you on your first date, they aren’t going to share with you where they go at 3 am in the morning.  Selfish cheaters don’t care who they hurt.  All they care about is themselves.  And if you knew that from day one and are still with them, THEN YOU ACCEPT IT!!

Can you think of any other reasons as to why people cheat?